Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Woman to Woman Health Center, please call 972.636.4460, or contact us online for any questions or concerns you may have.

At your initial appointment with Woman to Woman Health Center, please bring a valid photo ID and your insurance card. Also, feel free to write down questions you wish to address with your provider, and bring those with you.

Your first visit to Woman to Woman generally will take longer than most as we desire to have plenty of opportunity to hear your health concerns, provide a thorough exam and allow you to ask questions. Plan for two hours for your initial appointment, although the type of appointment will be a factor.  When a follow-up appointment is scheduled, your provider can tell you the expected time for the next appointment.

The most common symptom of a pregnancy is a missed period, but there are several others as well. Some common symptoms include nausea, fatigue, spotting, cramping, frequent urination, and tender breasts, among others. Most high-quality home pregnancy tests are reliable when performed correctly and according to manufacturer’s instruction. Woman to Woman Health Center can confirm your pregnancy via lab-quality testing and ultrasound.

If you are under a doctor’s care for your pregnancy, we can provide support services such as our Childbirth and Parenting classes.  If you are seeing another provider for gynecological services and wish to transfer your medical records to us, we are happy to provide your well-woman exams and other gynecological needs such as contraception and STI/STD screening.

While some STIs/STDs can have varying symptoms, most are considered asymptomatic (no noticeable symptoms or signs) in their earliest stages. However, STIs/STDs can still be spread and cause damage to the body when there are no outward signs of an active infection. It is important to be screened if you have had unprotected sexual activity of any kind (vaginal, oral, or anal).

If this is your first pregnancy, a childbirth class can help build confidence that you are prepared for the birthing experience. Many of our patients enjoy the comradery found with other expectant parents in classes. Woman to Woman offers excellent Prenatal Education Classes and Parenting Classes, provided at no cost for our patients. Your local hospital or birthing center may also provide classes for a fee. Your delivery site should provide a free tour of their facility prior to delivery.

Many women are planning and desire to be pregnant. However, it is completely normal to be unsure of how to handle an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy. At Woman to Woman, we desire to provide a confidential, comfortable place to explore your options. We can provide you with medically accurate information and resources regarding all of your options, including parentingadoption, and abortion, so you may make an informed decision.

While we would love to provide that service, determination of a baby’s gender does not fall under the category of a medical necessity, so we are not able to provide an ultrasound for that reason.

Do you have additional questions? We are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your confidential appointment.