How long do appointments run?

Your first visit to Woman to Woman generally will take longer than most as we desire to have plenty of opportunity to hear your health concerns, provide a thorough exam and allow you to ask questions. Plan for two hours...Continued

How do I know if I am pregnant?

The most common symptom of a pregnancy is a missed period, but there are several others as well. Some common symptoms include nausea, fatigue, spotting, cramping, frequent urination, and tender breasts, among others. Most high-quality home pregnancy tests are reliable...Continued

What are the signs I have a STD?

While some STIs/STDs can have varying symptoms, most are considered asymptomatic (no noticeable symptoms or signs) in their earliest stages. However, STIs/STDs can still be spread and cause damage to the body when there are no outward signs of an active infection....Continued

Should I take a childbirth class if I am pregnant?

If this is your first pregnancy, a childbirth class can help build confidence that you are prepared for the birthing experience. Many of our patients enjoy the comradery found with other expectant parents in classes. Woman to Woman offers excellent...Continued

What is a pregnancy options consultation?

Many women are planning and desire to be pregnant. However, it is completely normal to be unsure of how to handle an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy. At Woman to Woman, we desire to provide a confidential, comfortable place to explore...Continued