The Texas Heartbeat Act: What it Means for Texan Women

This woman is wondering about the Texas Heartbeat Act

News networks and social media platforms have been buzzing about the Texas Heartbeat Bill over the past several months. With every major event, there are opposing opinions attached to the conversation. For women who face unplanned pregnancies, it is important to know the facts about the bill, as well as all of your options.

What does the Texas Heartbeat Act do?

Only applying to the state of Texas, the Texas Heartbeat Act prohibits abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Ultrasound technology has pointed to Heartbeat detection within the first six weeks of pregnancy.

The bill creates space for abortion providers and those who help women have an abortion can be sued by private citizens[1] . If the one suing wins the case, they will be awarded a minimum of $10,000, plus the cost of any attorney fees.

Women who choose to have an abortion after six weeks are protected from legal consequences. The abortion providers, as well as those encouraging an abortion, are at risk for a lawsuit.

What Are My Pregnancy Options in Texas?

If you are outside of the first six weeks of pregnancy, you still have pregnancy options. You are never trapped to make any specific decision. It is important to create boundaries with your loved ones if you are being pressured into making a decision that you do not want to make.


Adoption often ends up being a meaningful experience for birthmothers and their children. That said, choosing adoption is rarely an easy decision. In your adoption journey, you will be able to have deep involvement with your birth child’s future family.[3]  This experience often brings hope and joy to birthmothers.

The terms of your adoption can be either “open” or “closed.” Open adoption means that the birth mother can stay connected to the child and family in some way and closed adoptions occur when the birth mother chooses to forgo a continued relationship with the child. Today, an estimated 95% of adoptions are open, with birth mothers choosing to stay in touch with the child through photos, letters, phone or video calls, or in-person meetings.


Unexpected pregnancies are just that: unexpected. The unexpected often brings fear, anxiety, and pressure. Those feelings may be overwhelming.

Our team has worked with countless women who are in your shoes. We have seen women walk with the utmost bravery as they make their pregnancy decision. While pregnancy isn’t for everyone, it is important to deeply consider if it is right for you during this time.

If you feel as though your partner, parents, or community are not providing the support you need, Woman to Woman Health Center is here to fill the gap with our free services.

How Do I Know How Far Along My Pregnancy Is?

Ultrasounds will give you a glimpse into how far along your pregnancy is (gestational age). The exam will also share if the pregnancy is progressing and viable.

Ultrasounds also protect pregnant women from the dangers of ectopic pregnancies. It is vital to determine the location of your pregnancy, due to the serious risks of ectopic pregnancies.

If you are wanting to determine how far along you are to know which pregnancy options are available to you, taking an ultrasound is your best next step. Our ultrasounds are offered at no cost to you.

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