What Are the Signs of an Incomplete Abortion?

Though some argue that abortion is a relatively safe procedure, the reality is that it carries certain risks and complications that any woman considering pregnancy options should be aware of. 

Incomplete abortion is one such complication. Without adequate treatment, it is a condition that can become dangerous very quickly. Continue reading to learn more about the signs of incomplete abortion and the different treatment options. 

Symptoms You Should Know

An incomplete abortion occurs when some of the pregnancy tissue remains in the uterus after an abortion procedure or miscarriage. Though the most common signs that one is occurring are abdominal/pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding, there are other things to watch out for, including:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Fever
  • Slowed heart rate

Who is at Risk?

Anyone who has had a miscarriage or abortion could develop an incomplete abortion, but some women are more at risk than others. Certain factors make it more likely that an incomplete abortion will occur, such as:

  • Past C-section or uterine surgery
  • Congenital uterine anomaly
  • Second-trimester abortion, miscarriage, or delivery
  • Forceps or vacuum-assisted delivery
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Placenta accreta

How is an Incomplete Abortion Treated?

In some cases, the body expels any remaining pregnancy tissue on its own, and the woman will seek regular follow-up care from her provider. Other times, more invasive treatment must be used. Your provider may use forceps or a combination of oxytocin and misoprostol to remove the tissue. A surgical procedure called dilation and curettage, which uses a combination of medication, surgical instruments, and a suctioning technique, might be used if the case is severe enough. 

If treated successfully, a woman can go on to have subsequent pregnancies. If an incomplete abortion is left untreated, however, sepsis or severe hemorrhaging may occur. This is why speaking up is crucial if you feel something is wrong. You know your body best; do not delay seeking the treatment you deserve!

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