3 Things Needed Before Abortion

Before an abortion, there are some essential steps you should take to safeguard your health and wellness. We’ll review some of the services we offer at Woman to Woman Health Center.

1. Get Pregnancy Verification

An at-home test is not enough to confirm your pregnancy. A lab-quality pregnancy test and an ultrasound will provide essential information about your pregnancy, including:

  • Viability: Whether the pregnancy is developing normally and if there is a detectable heartbeat.
  • Gestational Age: How far along you are in your pregnancy.
  • Location: Whether the pregnancy is located within the uterus.

This information is vital to understanding your pregnancy options. For instance, chemical abortion is FDA-approved through 10 weeks gestation, so knowing how far along you are is important.

Additionally, if you are experiencing a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, more detailed information is necessary. A miscarriage may require monitoring by a healthcare provider, while an ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency that needs immediate treatment.

2. Know Your Options

Even if you are considering an abortion, you might not be fully aware of the side effects and risks associated with each procedure. You might also be uncertain about parenting or making an adoption plan but want to learn more.

We can provide comprehensive information on abortion, adoption, and parenting. Here, you can ask questions without judgment and receive the information you need to make an informed decision.

We won’t pressure you to choose a specific option. Our goal is to provide you with the facts and support you in making the best choice for your situation.

3. STI Testing

Because many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are asymptomatic, it’s crucial to get tested. Having an abortion when you have an STI can cause risks and complications. 

One complication is pelvic inflammatory disease, also known as PID. PID can be caused by chlamydia and gonorrhea; without proper treatment, it can leave scar tissue in the reproductive tract and cause problems like infertility, which may be challenging to treat. 

Take Advantage of Our Services

At Woman to Woman Health Center, you can take advantage of these services. Pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and STD testing are free, and we also offer other low-cost pregnancy services.

Contact us today to make an appointment and get the care you deserve because you’re worth it.