What to Expect in a Post-Abortion Follow-Up Exam?

A post-abortion exam is a vital next step if you’ve recently had an abortion. This exam will help protect your health by ensuring that you’re recovering without experiencing any abortion complications. 

Read on to learn more about what to expect during a post-abortion exam. Or, if you want to talk to a nurse, contact Woman to Woman Health Center to schedule a free, confidential appointment. 

Why Do I Need a Post-Abortion Exam?

Abortion, both medical and surgical, puts you at risk of experiencing a physical complication. 

However, after an abortion, sometimes it can be difficult to discern whether you’re having typical side effects or the beginning of a more serious complication. This is why a post-abortion exam is essential. 

What Happens During a Post-Abortion Exam?

A post-abortion exam is a medical appointment that screens for post-abortion complications. 

During a post-abortion exam, you will receive a physical examination and be given time to speak with a qualified nurse regarding any questions or concerns you might have. This will help ensure that any post-abortion complications are caught early and treated correctly. 

What If I’m Struggling Mentally After an Abortion?

If you’re struggling with difficult emotions after an abortion, you’re not alone. 

Although it can often be a controversial topic, studies have found that many women experience adverse mental health effects after an abortion. 

While many women can experience sadness, regret, PTSD, and other difficult feelings after an abortion, hope and healing are possible—and talking with someone who understands is an essential first step. 

You’re Not Alone

At Woman to Woman Health Center, we understand what you’re going through and care about your health and well-being. 

Whether you recently had an abortion and need to schedule a post-abortion exam or whether you want to talk to someone about your abortion experience, we’re here for you. 

Contact us today to speak with one of our caring team members and schedule a free, confidential appointment because you’re worth it.